Our Moving Tips

Try to complete packing a few days before moving day. Have your boxes labelled and or numbered. Call us if you are running out of time and need help packing.

Set aside things you’ll personally bring to your new home such as jewelry, laptop and important files including checkbook, cash and financial records.

Be present when the movers arrive to answer questions and give any special instructions to the movers.

Disconnect stereos, TVs, DVD players, desktop computer, printer and other electronics including washer & dryer.

Empty, clean and defrost the refrigerator at least 24 hours before your move. Or get an ice chest to put perishable items from fridge.

We’ll call to confirm the day before moving day and go over the arrival time and other details about your move.

Accompany movers as they walk through your household and resolve any questions regarding the condition of items being moved.

Before the moving van leaves take one final look throughout the house to make sure nothing is left behind.

At your new home, show the movers where to place furniture and boxes.

Payment will be collected upon completion of the move in the form of Credit Card, personal check (for local moves), Cashiers check (for out of state moves), or cash. If you decide to tip your movers, please tip in the form of cash to each mover.

Check to make sure everything was delivered before signing delivery papers. Note if any damanges on the Bill of Lading.

Sign and keep a copy of the Bill of Lading